Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If I understand correctly, I can go through the online modules at my own pace. How long should going through the entire course take?  

If done without breaks, the entire course could take less than 5 hours, however, it's reasonable to complete the course with breaks over 3 - 4 days.

 Will I get access to the bonus documents, like your application and lease immediately?

The bonus documents are available immediately upon purchase along with the on-line on-demand modules.

When will the LIVE coaching sessions be? How do those work? Are those sessions on Zoom and recorded?

The LIVE coaching sessions will be on Zoom and are recorded. Each session will be held for 2 hours in June (Time & Date TBD). Please come with your questions. If unable to attend live, you can submit your questions prior to the session and Dr. Joe will address during the recorded session. 

How long will I have access to the course? Access to the course will be for one-year. The bonuses are yours to keep.

I’m already stressed with turnover costs: cleaning, painting & fixing up loose ends in my rental unit. How is adding the cost of your course going to really help my bottom line?

Learning how to find great tenants that pay on time, take care of your property, are pleasant to deal with, and stay a long time is priceless, especially compared to the costs of the opposite: having nightmare tenants who may not pay beyond the initial deposit and 1st month rent, damage/destroy your property, are difficult to deal with, or leave at the end of their lease. It may not seem logical, but it's better to have a vacancy for an additional month or so as you vet for the best tenant (who will stay a long time).

Is this course a business expense?

Yes, the course is a legitimate business expense as continuing education.